What would it be like to be emphatically you? What if you owned yourself in your entirety—your bold heart, your hidden wounds, your untamed spirit? 

This guidebook walks you through the realms of soulfulness, shadow exploration, and identity dreaming to arrive in a land of wholeness. Through exploring these exercises, stories, and meditations with Kae, you will uncover your wild, radiant self — the intrinsically aligned person that you were always meant to be. The “you” that already exists deep down at your core. Lace up those boots and get ready to Journey to the Ecstatic Self.


Journey to the Ecstatic Self is a MUST READ for highly sensitive creatives. It’s not just a book to help you find yourself again, it’s also a magical road map to help you discover the potential inside that you never even knew existed.

–Lauren Sapala, author of Firefly Magic

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