There are as many right paths to explore the terrain of soul as there are people to walk them. We are all travelers making our way to different destinations, observing different vantages, and pausing at different stages in our respective treks. I am happy to point out some of the guideposts that I have marked as a humble, fellow voyager who has been exploring these lands for quite some time.

My road toward self-acceptance has been long, winding, and surprising. I have been led in different directions than I ever anticipated—I’ve climbed up to breathtaking mountaintops and rappelled into the twilit canyons. I have explored the psychology of the human spirit through being an actor and a director. I’ve ascended into the etheric realms through meditation/mindfulness and living in spiritual retreat. I’ve delved into human connection and vulnerability through my work as a queer person—and have taught authenticity and communication as a corporate coach.

I use tools from these varied traditions, modalities, and studies to inform my coaching practice. My spiritual heritage is based in a Shaivite tradition with significant influences from Vajrayana, Bön, and mystical Christianity. I am a big believer in the power of myth making, shadow dreaming, energy cultivation, and intention setting. My more western ideas have been inspired by the works of Elizabeth Lesser (The Seeker’s Guide), Alan Downs (The Velvet Rage), Brené Brown (Daring Greatly, Dare to Lead), & Mary Schmich (Even the Terrible Things Seem Beautiful to Me Now)—though I am in no way affiliated with any of these people or their respective organizations.

Having explored so many routes, faiths, and traditions, I am able to guide fellow explorers on their own, unique paths—stringing together rope ladders of practices that they can use on their ascent. I firmly believe that we are all on the same journey: finding our way back to our cosmic home. Through exercises like meditation, journaling, art, identity exploration, embodiment, and visioning—we will explore our ecstatic selves.

When I say that I share “inclusive spirituality”—it means that I will encourage you to see every aspect of your life as holy. There is literally nothing that cannot be used for personal growth. If you love doing something—great! We will uncover how to use it as a gateway to your highest self. We will learn how to accept and hold all of your collective, spiritual/human bits and accept yourself in your totality. Collaborating together, we will gain footholds into the bedrock of your authentic identity—your intrinsic self.