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Free Consultation — 25-min video or phone consultation to see if you and Kae are a good match and to discuss target areas of development.

12-Week Wholeness Journey — Kae will design a custom 12-session curriculum to help you explore your intrinsic self. Over the three months, he will layer in practices, techniques, observations, and exercises specifically chosen for your unique disposition, areas of need, and personal desires.

Your journey will begin with an hour-long, in depth assessment (which is a bonus session, in addition to your twelve weeks). During that time, you will envision the sort of habits and goals you wish to achieve. He will use his intuition to suggest areas of potential growth and personal evolution.

He will keep you on track week to week, hold you accountable, and encourage you to reach your milestones. You will also be given priority access to Kae. You will be able to text/email him throughout your coaching journey and receive a response within one business day. After the conclusion of the twelfth week, he will design an action plan to move forward, which he will walk you through during a (complimentary) follow-up consultation.

This is the most robust program to inspire lasting change, rapid growth, and intrinsic joy. Each coaching journey is unique to the individual and is planned out based on Kae’s years of expertise and experience.

  • 1 — expanded, complimentary 1-hour, in-depth assessment to deeply explore needs/desires. 
  • 12 — 1-hour sessions integrating all aspects of spirituality, mindfulness, tantric philosophy, and embodiment practices.
  • 1 — 1/2 hour recap/road-mapping meeting to plan a route forward.
  • Priority text/email access to Kae for the entirety of your 14 weeks.
  • A complimentary, signed copy of his book, Journey to the Ecstatic Self.

$2150 (1 person)  |  $3200 (per couple) 

4-Week Introduction to Ecstatic Meditation — This path is for those who are new to meditation or have never explored an inclusive mediation tradition. Teaching foundational philosophy, practices, and customized meditations, Kae will assist you in establishing a robust home practice, deeper bodily connection, and a non-dualistic vantage.

He will assess your natural abilities, provide you with personally-aligned tools, and support you on your awakening journey. Possible topics could include: mantra, visualization, yantras, deity work, chakras and energy, sensual spirituality, breath work, and moving meditation.

  • 1 — complimentary 25-min, assessment to explore needs/desires, innate aptitude, and previous experiences. 
  • 4 — 1-hour sessions imparting the foundations of meditation and how to establish them into your life.
  • A complimentary, digital copy of Journey to the Ecstatic Self.

$550 (1 person)  |  $800 (per couple) 

1 -Spiritual Life Coaching Session — If you would rather chart your own development course, using Kae as an occasional resource, he is happy to assist you in whichever ways he can.

These stand-alone sessions are intended as offerings for those who have already completed a full journey with Kae and wish for an occasional refresh or opportunity to go deeper.

  • 1 — Stand-alone, 60-minute coaching session.

$165 (1 person)  |  $215 (per couple) 

***Kae wants to ensure that his services are available to everyone called to work with him. If you are presently experiencing financial hardships, please reach out directly to him to inquire about sliding-scale options.

***Please remember that Kae’s services are intended for educational purposes only. He is not a licensed therapist, doctor, or medical provider, and his coaching should not be considered replacement for such.***

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