a Journey

to Your Inner Self Begins

Coaching philosophy

The journey to one’s eternal inner-self is the greatest journey a person can make.

We are all pieces of starlight currently inhabiting human bodies. Most of us spend our lives traveling the world but perhaps not exploring the immense, mystical terrain within. Inside each of us is a celestial landscape as varied and as fascinating as the night sky outside. And in our hearts lies the same golden light that spawned the universe all those many years ago.

My spiritual journey began as a young man sitting amongst trees meditating on the nature of reality. Although I had numerous profound mystical experiences as a youth, it wasn’t until college that I was formally inducted into an esoteric spiritual tradition. I ended up spending nearly seven years living in an ashram learning ancient techniques for self-discovery, quieting the mind, and uniting with my soul.

Since then, I have travelled the world meeting other spiritual guides, teachers, and masters. I have sat in Indian temples, chanted in Ayurvedic retreat centers, sipped ayahuasca in Andean malocas. I have danced ecstatically, naked under the full moon as celestial currents lapped against my ankles. I have come to embrace a spiritual path that is best described as “inclusive.” Meaning: everything is part of god-conciousness, everything is holy—there is no part of you that isn’t sacred.

As my mission particularly focuses on the LGBTQ+ community, I believe this is an empowering message. Those parts of ourselves that once brought us shame, brought us destress…those are our holy bits. We are divine creatures, just as we are…there’s nothing we could do to make ourselves more or less holy. Every inch of you is sacred, divine, and worthy of love and belonging.

So many grew up in faith traditions telling them that they were somehow deficient. Or that parts of them were acceptable, but not their whole. The paths I lead others along strives to correct that vantage. By guiding others to reconnect to their radiant, inner-selves, I help them to see that they are wholly holy. The traditions I draw on are rooted in ancient lineages ranging from tantric Shivaism, to Vajrayana Buddhism, to Shamanism, to esoteric Christianity. It is a privilege and an honor to walk beside you on your journey home to yourself.

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