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What is Ecstatic Self: Spiritual Coaching?

A place to explore the intersection of identity, belonging, spirituality, sexuality, and living authentically

Who is Kaelan

Kaelan is a spiritual guide who has led meditations, coaching sessions, and yogic practices since 2008. He founded Ecstatic Self LLC during the pandemic of 2020; his client list ranges from CEOs of NFL teams to federal judges—from Ivy League tenured professors to leaders in healthcare startups.

He has written two books on personal growth and belonging (Journey to the Ecstatic Self & I Dreamt of Flight). Kaelan lived in a meditative ashram for 7 years, earned his advanced CRT 500 in yogic instruction, and has over 1/2-million followers on Ecstatic Self YouTube and other socials.

He has led corporate leadership and empathy workshops for top corporations like JP Morgan, TripAdvisor, KPMG, Bank of America, etc. He graduated magna cum laude from Northwestern University and lives in Washington, DC with his husband and pets.


Why Coach with Kaelan?

Kaelan is an ecstatic spirituality coach with over 15 years of experience. He utilizes customized meditations to inspire self-connectedness, cosmic unification, and bliss within his clients.

Kae’s Specialties

Sacred Sexuality


Self Belonging

Queer Spirituality

Kaelan’s Coaching


Road to Self

You are inherently whole, radiant, and powerful. You are an incarnation of divine energy in a human body. There is nothing you could ever do to separate yourself from that radiance.

This is our journey: to remember our divinity. The road to God and the road to self are one and the same. Together, we will walk through the areas of tension, blocks, and impediments that keep you from your cosmic, eternal truth.



Yoga Journey

I began my exploration of spirituality in a traditional yogic ashram. I took a guru, committed myself to years of hard work, and cultivated my desire to grow. Years later, I have now established a robust skill set to lead others on the journey of self-reconnection.

My journey has taken me to healing centers in India, the abodes of shamans in the Andes Mountains, and the universe within. Each step along my journey has brought me a greater set of tools to be able to assist you on yours.




I view myself as a guide, an usher, a doorman. I am here to walk beside you, point out some doorways, and invite you to step through. You are the one who does the work—you know the way home. I am just here to facilitate the exploration.



This is life-changing, transformational work. You will not be the same person at the end of the journey that you were at the beginning. “The big question is,” to quote Joseph Cambell, “are you going to be able to say a hearty YES to your adventure?”

I view myself as a guide, an usher, a doorman. I am here to walk beside you, point out some doorways, and invite you to step through.​

Kae's Books

Journey to the Ecstatic Self


This guidebook walks you through the realms of soulfulness, shadow exploration, and identity dreaming to arrive in a land of wholeness. Through exploring these exercises, stories, and meditations with Kae, you will uncover your wild, radiant self — the intrinsically aligned person that you were always meant to be. The “you” that already exists deep down at your core. Lace up those boots and get ready to Journey to the Ecstatic Self.

I Dreamt of Flight: A Fantasy Novel


18 year old Bondi Ashborne never knew he could breathe fire, never knew that the government was rounding up people like him and slamming them into concentration camps. No, all he knows is that life as a gay, quarter-dragon in a fully-human town couldn’t be harder for him.
When fate forces him to flee his home, he ends up encountering other Mythicals like himself: enigmatic naga,…

Perhaps you found Kaelan through YouTube — or maybe you encountered him through one of his books — regardless of how your paths crossed, now is your chance to join him and other soul journeyers on a four-night retreat in pastoral Vermont.

At this wintery gathering, you will embark on an adventure of soulfully reconnecting with your innermost self. Through calming meditations, heartwarming conversations, starlit hikes, chanting, and social bonding, you and the other pilgrims will laugh, cry, and “crack wide open.”

You will be nestled in the snowy landscape of the beautiful Willow Retreat Center, where Kaelan and his husband lovingly support you through this spiritual transformation experience, guiding you toward tranquility and personal growth.


Wintery hikes/snowshoeing

Sacred fire ceremony

Clothing-optional yoga

Practices to connect with nature spirits and deities

Mantric chanting

Initiation into meditation techniques

Personal narrative cultivation

Spiritual artwork creation

Partnered vulnerability and connection exercises

and many more…

All meals are included from Thursday evening until Monday morning.

Participation is limited due to space constraints of the venue; all rooming will be shared.

If interested, please fill out an application stating your intent and why you think this retreat is coming at the perfect time for you.

Limited scholarships are available for those wishing to attend but currently experiencing financial hardship.

This workshop will be co-facilitated by Kaelan’s husband, Anthony Gutierrez, a leader in HIV and LGBTQ+ spaces for almost 20 years. While there will be a strong focus on the queer-masculine experience, this program is open to all expressions of identity, gender, and sexuality

What clients have to say

Ricky H.
“Being someone that was not ‘spiritually savvy’ or advanced, I have to say I so, so appreciate Kae’s ability to break down complex practices he spent years and years learning into easily understandable and comprehensible advice. Kae is distinguished at what he does and particularly helped me with my lower level chakras. His understanding of the sacral chakra and all it entails and his meditations, breathing exercises etc. have particularly helped me with opening up and having a healthy and happier relationship with myself and my partner. Kaelan has also helped me to accept myself and to be myself. I can not say enough about Kaelan and am very grateful to have him helping me on my spiritual journey.”
Casey S.
“It has been an eye-opener working with Kaelan. Even in the short time I worked with him, I was able to delve deeper into my psyche and spiritual self than I ever have in the past. He took the time to understand my way of thinking and feeling and explained complex spiritual practices in a way that meshed well with those views. Kae is also excellent at guiding chakra meditation even for someone like me, who in the past has allowed the everyday problems of life to disrupt my attempts at becoming centered and focused. I wholeheartedly recommend working with him for spiritual guidance and teaching.”
Josh S.
“I reached out to Kaelan over the summer as the endless “now” of the pandemic was getting to me. My life was feeling directionless and spiritual practices I’d learned in the past were no longer helping me. In the 12 weeks I spent with Kae, I tried new practices tailored to each of the areas I felt stuck. These led to insights about what I needed to do next to continue growing and moving forward on my path. Kaelan is extremely knowledgeable in spiritual matters, and I find myself continuing to contemplate our sessions months later.”
Robert M.
“As a 48 year old openly-gay man I realized that I had a lot of baggage around my sexuality, my physical body and my spirituality. I grew up in a world when it wasn’t okay to be gay and even though I have been “out” for more than two decades, old messaging was holding me back from becoming the person I wanted to be. I turned away from the church many years ago, having felt harmed by organized religion, but felt I was suffering from a lack of spiritual connection and purpose. I felt these issues were holding me back from becoming the person I wanted to be and developing the types of fulfilling relationships I want to have. “Kaelan provided a safe place for me to explore these issues and quickly move beyond old programming to experience life differently. He encouraged me to explore embodiment and spirituality together through our private 12-week coaching and the results were simply life changing. Today I feel more confident and calm and I am experiencing life with a new level of satisfaction. I will forever be grateful for the work we did together. “If you think you might benefit from a similar program, I highly encourage you to consider working with Kaelan. He has helped me walk away from this experience a different person, experiencing less stress, shame and anxiety on a daily basis. He is sensitive, intuitive and able to deliver a lot of wisdom into the visits we had. “
Myke M.
“For the past 15 years I have been on a conscious spiritual journey, one that has taken me from homelessness, to rehab, to college graduation, to landing my ‘dream job,’ the title, the salary, the 401k, etc, etc, etc. and because of all that, life was ‘good.’ Then one day in late 2019, I was laid off. And even though I thought I had a pretty strong mental/spiritual foundation, I felt completely lost. I spent the entirety of 2020 hiding from the world—not because I was afraid of Covid, but for the need to escape within myself. I realized during that time how so much of my perceived identity was wrapped up in ‘what I do,’ and that in place of this person I thought I was, there was an aspect of myself I wasn’t acknowledging. As a ‘recovering Christian,’ who also happens to be a gay man, I was always taught to keep the spiritual apart from the physical. That in order to appease God, I must deny the body and walk the ‘moral path’—become what civilized society approved of and expected me to be. This, of course, caused a major misidentification within myself and a realization that I didn’t even really know myself. “What I did know was that if I ever wanted to live a life of pure joy, I had some self embracing to do. I was drawn to Kaelan and his Ecstatic Self channel because he is such a beautiful example of living within that balance. Throughout our 12 weeks working together, I began to embrace and celebrate my incarnation integrity, which enabled me to take up more space as who By using a unique blend of meditation, mantra, chanting, and sharing of sacred wisdom, Kae joined with me on my healing journey, supporting me, holding me accountable, sharing himself with me, mind and spirit, almost as if we had been BFFs all along. I am so grateful for Kaelan and the work he does. His integrity is beyond reproach and his dedication to being of service is unparalleled. If you are thinking about working with him, you won’t regret it. I look forward to working with him more in the future.”

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