Where the Journey Takes Us:


Breathwork, Sacred Mantras, Visualizations, Letting Go

Energetic Awareness

Chakras, Kundalini, Life-force Energy, Prana, Deity Connection

Queer Spirituality

LGTBQ+ Sacredness, Sensual Spirituality, Embodiment

Identity Integration

Holistic/Inclusive Spirituality, Shadow Exploration, Connecting with Innate Self

About Kae

Kae is a spiritual life coach with over fourteen years of experience teaching meditation, spiritual arts, connection, and communication around the globe. Beginning his career as a professional actor in Chicago and Los Angeles—he then spent seven years in an ashram studying esoteric forms of yoga. He has travelled the world offering workshops to corporate leaders in mindfulness, executive presence, and authenticity.
He has a passion for self-discovery, the arts, and helping others achieve their fullest potential—and is the author of the books, Journey to the Ecstatic Self and I Dreamt of Flight. He currently lives in Maryland with his husband, rescue dog, and cat.

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