Areas of Expertise


Breathwork, Sacred Mantras, Visualizations, Letting Go

Energetic Awareness

Chakras, Kundalini, Life-force Energy, Prana, Deity Connection

Queer Spirituality

LGTBQ+ Sacredness, Sensual Spirituality, Embodiment

Identity Integration

Holistic/Inclusive Spirituality, Shadow Exploration, Connecting with Innate Self

About Kae

Kae is a spiritual guide to reunite you with your cosmic self.

From performing on stages across the country, living seven years in a yogic ashram, or leading hundreds of workshops around the globe for business leaders on the subjects of empathy, connection, and mindfulness, Kae has had vast experience in guiding others.

Helping others achieve inner peace and connection to their divine natures is his passion and purpose. He is the author of the books Journey to the Ecstatic Self and I Dreamt of Flight. He currently lives in Maryland with his husband, rescue dog, and cat.

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